Nordic Fundraising Conference

Bilde av de nordiske flaggene. Skal illustrere samarbeid om en konferanse mellom Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Finland.

Dato: 23.03.2022
Tid: 13.00 – 16.30
Sted: Digitalt

Welcome to the first Nordic Fundraising Conference!

Broaden your view on how fundraising is working in the Nordic countries on this very first Nordic Fundraising Conference, March 23. What are the trends in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden? What do we have in common? And what are we doing differently? And what can we learn from each other in order to improve, develop and take our fundraising organisations to the next level?

Join us at this digital conference and get new knowledge, inspiration and insights! All the seminars will be in English.

The conference is a jointly organised conference by Giva SverigeThe Finnish Fundraising Association (VaLa)Danish Fundraising Association (ISOBRO) and Fundraising Norge.

Giva Sverige står for påmeldingen. Pris 595 SEK per deltaker.


12:30 – 13:00  Registration

13:00 – 13:30  Welcome & introduction to fundraising and giving in the Nordics
With the help of Charlotte Rydh, Secretary General, Giva Sverige, Kenneth Kamp Butzbach, Secretary General, ISOBRO, Pia Tornikoski, Secretary General, VaLa, and Siri Nodland, Secretary General, Fundraising Norge, we start out this afternoon with an overview of fundraising statistics, giving trends and current issues in the Nordic countries.

13:30 – 13:50  Opening speech ”You can’t talk about whales here!”

Greenpeace has been operating as a single Nordic organisation covering Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland for over 20 years. Understanding of the national differences, and the synergies, is key for their fundraising, and of course all communication and campaign activities. Celeste Stewart, Fundraising and Deputy Executive Director and Jesper Bigum, Deputy Fundraising Director, for Greenpeace Nordic will share the benefits, the stumbling blocks, and the lessons of leading fundraising across the region.

Celeste started working with Greenpeace in Australia in 1998. Over the next 13 years she worked in a variety of roles spanning the whole spectrum of individual fundraising at Greenpeace in the US, Asia, New Zealand and Europe. Celeste has been working as a Fundraising Director in a regional context for the past 12 years, firstly with Greenpeace’s Southeast Asia office which encompassed Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, before joining the Nordic team in 2012. 

Jesper first joined Greenpeace in 2013 and has been in his current role since 2019. Prior to this he worked as Fundraising Manager for Greenpeace in Denmark and as Regional Telefundraising Manager. Previously, Jesper has also worked with other NGOs and agencies. Jesper has just completed delivery of a new architecture for Greenpeace Nordic, implementing a new CRM, marketing automation, data warehouse and reporting environment, providing the organisation with a truly 360° view of their supporters. 

13:50 – 13:55   Break

13:55 – 14:20 ”Major Donors in the Nordics”

Johan Wennström is the Managing Director at Brakeley Nordic AB. Brakeley Nordic AB is a strategic fundraising consultancy who since 1993, has helped clients in the Nordic region develop their work with large gifts. Since 2010, Johan has advised about thirty organizations on fundraising with a focus on large gifts. Several of the organizations are from the non-profit sector (for example (t.ex. WWF, Stockholms Stadsmission, Swedish Sea Rescue Society, IM-Individuell Människohjälp and ActionAid), but he has also extensively worked with fundraising for universities, museums, and hospitals. In 2015, Johan initiated Sweden’s first open training with focus on fundraising/collecting large gifts.

14:20 – 14:25  Break

14:25 – 14:50  A digital fundraising story – past, present and future”
Ina Toften, Director of Communication and Fundraising, has worked for WWF-Norway for 14 years. She has more than 25 years of experience within communication from the NGO- and public sector. In WWF-Norway she was central in establishing Earth Hour as a national campaign before she became Head of Communications and later Head of the Communication and Marketing department. Ina has a major in Mass Communication from the University of Bergen.

14:50 -15:05   Break

15:05 – 15: 30  ”Wefood – all fundraising tools in one!”
ISOBRO’s Secretary General Kenneth Kamp Butzbach talks to Mulle Juul Korsholm about the world’s first supermarket selling only surplus goods and being run by volunteers. Wefood is a unique case on how to combine all fundraising tools in one. Today there are six, soon seven, stores in Denmark and the concept has proven its success. It started with a fundraising campaign centered around charity shares, close cooperation with Danish companies and foundations, a festival and a princess. It’s a story about getting inspiration and establishing a match between the purpose and the idea – creating Engagement.

15:30 – 15:35  Break

15:35 – 16:00   ”Corporate Activism and NGO Collaboration: Risks and Opportunities
Sari Kuvaja has more than 20 years of experience in corporate responsibility and sustainability advisory. She has helped her clients in corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies, stakeholder relations, as well as sustainability communications and reporting. In her presentation, she will discuss the current sustainability and responsibility trends, and corporate activism as part of a sustainability strategy. Is there room for collaboration between companies and non-governmental organizations if companies become activists themselves?

Third Rock is a sustainability consultancy based in Helsinki. It serves companies and other organisations to speed up responsible business. One of their most important goals is to make the change towards a carbon neutral circular economy easier.

16:00 – 16:05  Break

16:05 – 16:20  Closing comments
Summarizing thoughts from the afternoon and looking into the future for the possible areas of cooperation to support non-profits and fundraising in the Nordic region.

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