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Fundraising Norway (earlier The Norwegian Fundraising Association) deals in policy, advocacy and knowledge on behalf of the fundraising sector in Norway. Training fundraisers in effective and ethical fundraising is how we work to make sure Norwegian NGOs have sustainable and healthy incomes.

Our goal is to make sure Norwegian NGOs have a high standing in the eyes of the public, and that the regulatory framework for fundraising in the country is not impeding on the ability to raise funds.

We do this by speaking on behalf of the sector, working with governmental agencies and suppliers. The fundraising sector in Norway is self-regulating, and we strive to make sure we are worthy of that trust, by training fundraisers in ethical conduct, and making sure Norwegian fundraisers have access to the best fundraising knowledge and training available.

Fundraising Norway strengthen NGOs work to generate income by:

  • increasing the understanding and acceptance towards fundraising amongst the general public
  • improving the regulatory framework by speaking on behalf of the sector in policy matters
  • promoting a healthy development of fundraising activities, and discouraging damaging or exploitative fundraising practices
  • producing, reviewing and promoting ethical guidlines in all forms of fundraising
  • providing training opportunities to our members, to make sure all fundraising knowledge is up to date and evolving
  • being a social arena for networking between fundraising organisations, and individual fundraising professionals

Fundraising Norway was founded in 1994, and is politically neutral.


Secretary General

Siri Nodland
+47 908 78 718

Head of Institute of Fundraising

Charlotte Arnø Storebakken
+47 93 05 34 51

Communications Manager

Rikke Solberg
+47 41 57 20 20

Contact us

Øvre Slottsgate 3
0175 Oslo, Norway


Mailing address

Fundraising Norge
C/O Sentralen
P.B. 183 Sentrum
0102 Oslo, Norway

Board of trustees

Fundraising Norway has an active, working board of trustees. Members are elected by the general assembly for a period of two years at a time, for a maximum of three periods (six years). The board comprises representatives from our member organisations and a maximum of two non-members.

Our board: members and contact information (in Norwegian):